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I was born in the rural South in the Spring of the year of Pearl Harbor; and educated in a small rural public school system, a small liberal arts men’s college, and at the graduate school of a large state university a day south of the farm. I have been a farmer-cowboy, a breeder of pigs, and a brewer of beer – a business analyst and an introvert. I hold reverence for the art of memory, a talent I don’t possess. My remedy is to write about the fallacies of memory.

I helped to pioneer computer networks in K-12 public school districts in the 1980 – 1990s, and after 2000 worked to win funding for telecommunications and data network connections in rural public school districts.

A lifelong reader and writer, I am writing a memoir of generations of my people and how they cared for each other in the low country of South Carolina. My favorite writers are sometimes William Faulkner, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez; and/or Ian Frazier and William Least Heat-Moon; and/or Wendell Berry. I write about Earth, Community, Family, and Food at and can be contacted by email at


Earth, Community, Family, Food